CHOMPER™ is an adaptation of a cartoon creature that originally appeared in a national publication article in the late 1970’s introducing the public to a new method for cleaning and eliminating hydrocarbon pollution, primarily oil spills, via bio-remediation. Bio-remediation uses naturally occurring microbes-bacteria as a cleaning agent for long-chain hydrocarbon compounds such as oil. The microbes consume the oil as a food source leaving water and carbon dioxide as byproducts. The original caricature, created by the illustrator John Huehnergarth, features a creature sitting at a fine dining table, served by a tuxedo-wearing waiter. The people at the table next to him exclaimed that he was eating “a muck burger” – an oil–spill sandwich.

After some research, we found and contacted Mr. Huehnergarth, told him about our company and how we would like his “creature” to become our company mascot, and purchased the rights to his illustration. This creature evolved into CHOMPER and became our biologic mascot. CHOMPER made his debut on our original product –CHOMP multi-purpose cleaner, in 2001 and graces the label of our consumer cleaning products.

Representing a living single cell organism, CHOMPER also symbolizes our commitment to using the safest chemical options available when we put together our different products. Any cleaning product that can support living single cells must be by definition safe! We also enhance safety by using formulations built around custom polymers – man made long chain molecules designed with specific cleaning purposes that are very safe to use due to their physical make up and size. Our third innovative chemistry approach utilizes proprietary chemistries to clean faster and better than commodity chemicals while also delivering enhanced performance and safety profiles.

Fast, easy and safe – whether it’s using biologicals, polymers or proprietary chemistries – these three words drive our mission. Making Powerful Cleaners…Safer!