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    Better Than TSP Heavy Duty Cleaner


    Better Than TSP Heavy Duty Cleaner

    Chomp Better Than TSP is just what it says – Better Than TSP. TSP, or tri-sodium phosphate, is a simple chemical that dates back to the Jefferson Administration – over 200 years ago. Paint technology has come a long way since then and we think it’s time cleaners began to catch up as well. Better Than TSP has proprietary DST technology which allows dirt, grease and grime to be free floated from the surface and easily wiped away. This makes it faster cleaning grease and oil in side by side tests.

    Better Than TSP is also phosphate free, so it’s better for our environment, and less toxic making it safer and more pleasant to work with. Under dilution Better Than TSP will remove dirt, grease, grime, mildew and more. At full Strength (undiluted) Better Than TSP will degloss semi-gloss and gloss finishes to ensure proper adhesion.

    Product Benefits

    • Scrub free formula – best in class for cleaning painted surfaces prior to painting
    • Degloss surfaces at full strength
    • Green cleaner – better eco-profile than TSP
    • Pleasant scent, less toxic than TSP – safer and more pleasant to use

    Use Product for/to:

    • Clean surfaces in preparation for painting for improved durability and adhesion
    • Degloss semi-gloss and gloss paint
    • Clean siding and decks
    • Prep cabinets for painting

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    Originally designed for paint related projects, Better Than TSP is a versatile cleaner that will do well on multiple cleaning tasks.

    Technology – better Than TSP is a better built product. Our proprietary DST technology ‘free floats’ dirt and oil off the surface so they can be easily wiped clean. Instead of you providing the cleaning muscle, Better Than TSP does the work for you. DST also lets us use safer ingredients giving you a green product that is more pleasant to use and better for the environment.

    Use Better Than TSP with the CleanWalls 2 in 1 Wall & Ceiling Mop and you will be able to dust and wash an entire room in minutes instead of hours, do all the work standing safely and comfortably on your floor – no ladders, no bending, no aches and pains.

    Better Than TSP is perfect for prep cleaning of all paint work – indoors and outdoors – including cleaning decks, doors, fence, siding – anything that needs to be cleaned before re-painting.

    Yes – use CleanWalls at full strength to clean and degloss cabinets before painting to assure a smooth finish and good adhesion.

    Better Than TSP is an outstanding cleaner of tobacco / smoke stains and residue. Use at the heavy duty cleaning dilution.

    How-to-Use Better Than TSP Heavy Duty Cleaner

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