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    CleanWalls Cleaner/Degreaser

    Cleanwalls Cleaner / Degreaser
    Cleanwalls Cleaner / Degreaser

    CleanWalls Restaurant & Facility Cleaner/Degreaser

    CleanWalls Cleaner / Degreaser is a high tech cleaner designed to cut through cooking oils and grease with less effort for the user and less harm to the finished surface being cleaned. Using our proprietary DST Technology, Cleaner / Degreaser free floats oil and grease with less reliance on free alkalines reducing risk of damage to paint and bare metals.

    While this liquid cleaning product is an outstanding product on its own merit, it is when it is used with the patented CleanWalls Wall & Ceiling Mop that this product becomes an unmatched cleaning system for improved speed, reduced effort and fatigue and enhanced safety for many tough cleaning tasks.

    For the cleaning professional the benefits of using the CleanWalls system are numerous:

    • Reduce time needed for cleaning tasks = improved productivity and profitability
    • Reduce time means more jobs can be done in a given time period = improved profits
    • Reduce effort and fatigue = improved conditions for employees which translates to increased productivity and profitability
    • Enhanced safety, cleaning while standing reduces risk of back and neck injuries = reduced liabilities from workmen comp claims
    • Enhanced safety – clean high areas without ladders = less time for start / stop to move ladders = improved productivity and profitability plus reduction of risk from falls = reduced liability concerns

    Fast, easy and safe – the CleanWalls Cleaning systems translate to a win-win scenario for workers and owners of professional maintenance companies.

    Product Benefits

    • 3X faster on oils and grease than conventional cleaner/degreasers
    • Safer for washable surfaces
    • Non-toxic, biodegradable, VOC and solvent free

    Use Product for/to:

    • Clean floors and walls in and around cooking areas to quickly remove grease and oil
    • Ideal for use at: restaurants, schools, caterers…anywhere food preparation takes place

    Best When Used With:

    Chomp Cleanwalls Paint Prep


    Cleaner / Degreaser is designed to quickly lift and clean grease and oil from all non-porous hard surfaces including bare metals, sealed porous surfaces – wood and ceramic, and all porcelain, tile and stone. Care should be used cleaning painted walls as Cleaner / Degreaser will remove paint given dwell time and scrubbing.

    Cleaner / Degreaser employs our proprietary DST Technology which lifts grease and oil allowing cleaning with far less effort and force. This technology allows us the product to be safer for use on bare metals without the risk of discoloration.

    For cleaning floors use your current application technique – manual or machine cleaning. For walls the patented CleanWalls Wall & Ceiling Mop allows hard to reach areas to be cleaned with less strain and fatigue – walls, backsplashes and range hoods can be comfortably cleaned from a distance.

    Yes, Cleaner / Degreaser can be diluted for light duty cleaning or used at full strength for heavy oil and grease cleaning applications.

    Where to Buy

    Please contact us directly for purchasing options on the CleanWalls Restaurant & Facility Cleaner/Degreaser.

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