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    CleanWalls Dust & Clean

    Cleanwalls Restaurant & Facility Dust & Clean
    Cleanwalls Restaurant & Facility Dust & Clean

    CleanWalls Restaurant & Facility Dust & Clean

    Dust & Clean is a light duty spray that delivers one pass dusting of walls and ceilings when used with the patented CleanWalls Wall & Ceiling Mop. Spray directly onto the microfiber mitt and wipe down walls and ceilings for a clean, healthy workplace.

    While this liquid cleaning product is an outstanding product on its own merit, it is when it is used with the patented CleanWalls Wall & Ceiling Mop that this product becomes an unmatched cleaning system for improved speed, reduced effort and fatigue and enhanced safety for many tough cleaning tasks.

    For the cleaning professional the benefits of using the CleanWalls system are numerous:

    • Reduce time needed for cleaning tasks = improved productivity and profitability
    • Reduce time means more jobs can be done in a given time period = improved profits
    • Reduce effort and fatigue = improved conditions for employees which translates to increased productivity and profitability
    • Enhanced safety, cleaning while standing reduces risk of back and neck injuries = reduced liabilities from workmen comp claims
    • Enhanced safety – clean high areas without ladders = less time for start / stop to move ladders = improved productivity and profitability plus reduction of risk from falls = reduced liability concerns

    Fast, easy and safe – the CleanWalls Cleaning systems translate to a win-win scenario for workers and owners of professional maintenance companies.

    Product Benefits

    • One pass cleaning of walls and ceilings
    • Traps and locks dust and allergens
    • Proprietary polymer eliminates static build-up and resists dust keeping surfaces cleaner longer

    Use Product for/to:

    • Dust and clean all surfaces for routine maintenance and housekeeping
    • Improve inside air quality by reducing dust and allergens
    • Maintain professional clean look of workspace, meeting rooms and public areas
    • Ideal for use at: Fast food restaurants to meet housekeeping and food inspection requirements, convention areas and meeting rooms, hotel lobby and hallways, airports, public use facilities

    Best When Used With:

    Chomp Cleanwalls Paint Prep


    Dust & Clean is a light duty, water based product that is designed to quickly remove and trap dust and allergens while leaving no residue behind while many dust cleaners double as a surface treatment / waxing product.

    Yes, Dust and Clean is designed for use on all common interior surfaces – paint, wood, metal, tile, fiberglass – all common materials used for solid walls and ceilings.

    Absolutely! Dust & Clean contains a proprietary polymer that reduces / eliminates static charge build-up. This prevents dust from grabbing hold of and clinging to surfaces thereby keeping them dust free longer.

    Increasing numbers of people are sensitized to multiple allergens. By keeping workplace and public areas cleaners and freer of dust and allergens working environments indoor air quality are improved and more user friendly – folks can work, meet and dine in greater comfort.

    When used with the CleanWalls Wall & Ceiling Mop dusting even large areas is fast, easy and safe. One pass cleaning of any wall or ceiling surface with no need for ladders makes any task an easy one.

    Where to Buy

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