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    CleanWalls Paint Prep Degreaser & Deglosser


    CleanWalls Paint Prep Degreaser & Deglosser

    CleanWalls… Makes Paint Look Better!

    Chomp CleanWalls is the perfect degreaser/deglosser for your pre-paint cleaning needs. Light duty cleaning, heavy duty degreasing and full strength deglossing, CleanWalls does it all. Under dilution CleanWalls will remove dirt, grease, grime, mildew and more with Chomp’s proprietary DST Technology.

    Cleanwalls is three times (3x) faster at cleaning grease and oil with less effort than competitive cleaners. Full Strength (undiluted) CleanWalls will degloss semi-gloss and gloss finishes to ensure proper adhesion.

    The Best Paint Finish Starts with CleanWalls! Painting over dusty, dirty walls leads to bumpy finishes, uneven color and poor adhesion. Until now, cleaning walls and ceilings meant sloppy sponges, dangerous ladders and hard work… until now.

    CleanWalls 2 in 1 paint prep cleaning kit makes cleaning allows users to clean walls and ceilings in minutes – fast, easy and safe.

    Product Benefits

    • The microfiber mitt is an effective dusting AND washing tool. Its round design floats over surfaces.
    • The teardrop shape allows the tool to clean corners, nooks and crannies.
    • The 4-way hinge allows for comfortable cleaning at any angle.
    • The SQUEEZEE tray fits any 5 gallon bucket and allows users to wring excess cleaning solution.
    • The acme thread fits all poles and eliminates the need for dangerous ladders – improving safety and reducing project time.

    Use Product for/to:

    • Clean black-streaked/tiger striped gutters
    • Clean dirty, oxidized metal doors and trim

    Before and After Gallery


    Wet dust is mud! Washing dusty walls more work. By dusting first, washing is faster and easier.

    If there is a shine, the walls probably are a semi-gloss or gloss finish. Remember there is no harm in deglossing walls that may not need it. There is tremendous risk of poor adhesion if you to not degloss walls that DO need it.

    Can I use any old soap? Cleanwalls is designed to remove dirt, grease, grime and gloss and provide a good surface to paint. Some soaps have excess surfactants and may interfere with the paint finish.

    Its always a good practice to rinse with clean water after washing.

    As soon as the surface is dry, it is ready for painting.

    How-to-Use CleanWalls Paint Prep Degreaser & Deglosser

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