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    CleanWalls 3-in-1 Cleaning System

    Chomp Cleanwalls Paint Prep
    Chomp Cleanwalls Paint Prep

    3-in-1 Cleaning System

    Fast, Easy, and Safe Cleaning of Walls, Ceilings, and more!



    Product Benefits

    • Dry dust, damp wipe, and wet wash with the same tool
    • Improve safety – Clean high, hard-to-reach areas safely from floor level
    • Dramatically reduce time needed for cleaning tasks
    • Microfiber mitts are washable and reusable
    • Ergonomic, lightweight design minimizes fatigue

    Target Markets

    • Janitorial
    • Facility Maintenance
    • Hotel/Hospitality
    • Restaurant
    • Hospital/Healthcare
    • Educational Institutions – early childhood, public schools, universities.
    • Airport Facilities custodial
    • Restoration

    Cleaning Applications

    • Bathroom wall & stall cleaning
    • Wall and ceiling dusting, damp wiping, wet washing
    • Restoration wall and ceiling wet washing
    • Hard surface cleaning
    • Paint prep cleaning

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    CleanWalls will fit any extension pole that has a standard acme threaded tip.

    We offer the patented Squeezee Tray, which fits on top of all standard 5 gal. /20 L buckets. You dip the CleanWalls tool into the cleaning solution, then squeeze excess liquid out by using the Squeezee Tray and the tool is a wet mop designed for cleaning walls and ceilings.

    The CleanWalls microfiber mitt has a lycra backing that wraps around the cleaning head. The mitt is easily removed for washing and can be reused multiple times.

    Yes. The standard tool pack comes with 3 mitts, but additional mitts are available in packs of 10.

    The plastic cleaning head plus mitt weigh between 5-6 oz. This light weight reduces fatigue when used, especially for overhead cleaning of ceilings.

    Yes. CleanWalls will perform well with most liquid cleaners. The CleanWalls line of liquid cleaners was designed to help cleaning professionals with common frequent cleaning tasks.

    How-to-Use CleanWalls Paint Prep Kit

    Where to Buy

    Visit our online retail shop to purchase our CleanWalls Paint Prep Kit.