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    CleanWalls Smoke & Soot

    Cleanwalls Restoration Smoke & Soot
    Cleanwalls Restoration Smoke & Soot

    CleanWalls Restoration Smoke & Soot

    CleanWalls Smoke & Soot cleaner is designed to clean oily smoke damaged walls with minimum effort. A concentrated formula, Smoke & Soot can be used at dilution to full strength depending on severity of smoke damage.

    While this liquid cleaning product is an outstanding product on its own merit, it is when it is used with the patented CleanWalls Wall & Ceiling Mop that this product becomes an unmatched cleaning system for improved speed, reduced effort and fatigue and enhanced safety for many tough cleaning tasks.

    For the cleaning professional the benefits of using the CleanWalls system are numerous:

    • Reduce time needed for cleaning tasks = improved productivity and profitability
    • Reduce time means more jobs can be done in a given time period = improved profits
    • Reduce effort and fatigue = improved conditions for employees which translates to increased productivity and profitability
    • Enhanced safety, cleaning while standing reduces risk of back and neck injuries = reduced liabilities from workmen comp claims
    • Enhanced safety – clean high areas without ladders = less time for start / stop to move ladders = improved productivity and profitability plus reduction of risk from falls = reduced liability concerns

    Fast, easy and safe – the CleanWalls Cleaning systems translate to a win-win scenario for workers and owners of professional maintenance companies.

    Product Benefits

    • Smoke damage hard surface cleaner
    • Fast acting
    • Eliminates odors
    • At full strength prepares painted walls for re-painting.

    Use Product for/to:

    • Clean walls and ceilings of oily smoke residue
    • Can also be used on furniture and cabinets
    • Ideal for use at: disaster and restoration companies

    Best When Used With:

    Chomp Cleanwalls Paint Prep


    There are 2 types of smoke soot – dry and oily. If you rub your hand over the smoke and it smears it is oily soot and needs to be cleaned with a liquid cleaner. If it doesn’t smear it is dry soot and can be vacuumed away or removed with dry cleaner sponges.

    Soot & Smoke can be applied with standard cleaning tools – sponge and bucket, rags, etc. for faster cleanup use our patented CleanWalls Wall & Ceiling Mop. The microfiber mitts are safe for all surfaces and the round design allows faster cleaning of large areas and eliminates the need for ladders. Mitts are washable for multiple use. CleanWalls will also decrease the physical fatigue of cleaning through improved ergonomics by eliminating bending and reaching for low and high areas.

    Where to Buy

    Please contact us directly for purchasing options on the CleanWalls Restoration Smoke & Soot.

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