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    Composite Deck Stain Barrier


    Composite Deck Stain Barrier

    Make your home sparkle with chomp gutter and metal trim cleaner. Specifically designed for cleaning black streaks, dirt and grime off your gutters, window/door frames and more – making them look new again and improving your home’s curb appeal. DST technology breaks the electrostatic bond so black streaks can be easily washed away.

    With the Gutter Smop there’s no need for dangerous ladders or hard work. The gutter smop (part sponge, part mop) attaches to any extension pole and perfectly conforms to the gutter shape, getting into all the nooks and crannies. Now you can clean all of your gutters while standing safely on the ground! Just dip the smop in a bucket of Chomp gutter cleaner, wipe along the gutter line and rinse. Your gutters will be sparkling clean.

    Product Benefits

    • Instantly removes black streaks
    • Scrub free formula – just wet and wipe clean
    • Drastically safer cleaning with patented Gutter Smop
    • Improves your home curb appeal

    Use Product for/to:

    • Clean black-streaked/tiger striped gutters
    • Clean dirty, oxidized metal doors and trim
    Composite Deck Cleaning Application With Brush and Bucket

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    Organic matter (algae, mold, mildew, lichens, fungus) can grow on many surfaces and is the number one reason people clean decks, fences, etc. Composite deck barrier prevents organic matter from growing on practically any surface for years. This keeps surfaces clean and neat in appearance and greatly extends intervals between cleanings.

    It can be applied by a garden sprayer, paint roller, brush, and airless sprayer.

    No, the product applies and dries like water. Once the surface dries, it will be invisible.

    This can be used on fences, decks, siding, brick, stone, pavers, wood, shingles, fiberglass, canvass, awnings, patio furniture, and more.

    A Depending on wear and other factors, users should expect to double or triple the time between cleanings.

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