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    Painted Wall Cleaner


    Painted Wall Cleaner

    Chomp Painted Wall Cleaner is a pH neutral formulation utilizing bio-surfactants and ‘oil eating’ technology to emulsify and lift soils from any washable surface.

    This unique formulation cleans without the reliance on and dangers of caustics

    Sensitive surfaces (like paint) can be washed without exposing the substrate to corrosive chemistries.

    Product Benefits

    • pH neutral formula
    • Rich bio surfactants
    • No harsh chemicals
    • 5x less toxic than shampoo
    • Hypoallergenic and pleasant to use

    Use Product for/to:

    • Safe for any washable surface
    • Quickly emulsifies oil, grease, soils
    • Safe for use on latex, oils, faux finishes

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    Most cleaners contain harsh,  commodity chemistries to help cleaning performance.  Painted Wall Cleaner does not rely on harsh chemicals and uses a unique formula that cleans without abrasive components.

    This makes it safer for surfaces that cannot withstand aggressive chemistries.

    Paint usually cures within 30 days after application, depending on temperature and humidity.

    It is not recommended to clean any time prior to that.

    Flat paint is the least durable paint sheen. Cleaning with water can remove flat paint, hence minimal painted wall cleaner and wiping should be used.

    Yes. Any washable surface like switchplates, doors, base, wall trim, cabinets, counters, etc. Avoid reflective surfaces such as mirrors and glass as streaking will occur.

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