Spot Chomp – Pet Odor and Stain Carpet Cleaner

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    Spot Chomp – Pet Odor and Stain Carpet Cleaner


    Spot Chomp - Pet Odor and Stain Carpet Cleaner

    Spot Chomp! Pet Odor and Stain Carpet Cleaner neutralizes and eliminates the odors so your pet does not return to the “scene of the crime”. Spot Chomp! delivers outstanding cleaning so the stain is gone. Tetraflex makes sure it dries completely to leave no tacky residue behind to attract new soils and adds stain resistance to protect against future spills and stains.

    Product Benefits

    • 1st Product ever to receive the Carpet and Rug Institute Seal (CRI) of Approval
      Dynamic cleaning package – Works on your toughest stains
    • Introducing Tetraflex ™ – Embrittles soils, leaves no residue so stains don’t come back
    • Tetraflex™ protects against future stains – actually adds stain resistance with every use
    • Safer chemistry – cleans without damaging your carpet
    • Eliminates Rapid Re-soiling Caused by traditional surfactants

    Use Product for/to:

    • Clean pet stains from carpet
    • Eliminate pet odors
    • Add stain resistance to your carpet

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    Base chemistries are identical as is cleaning performance. However, the Pet Odor carries one additional polymer that ties up VOC’s – the scent molecules pets use to return to marked areas. Animals are color blind, if the pet can’t smell the spot, it won’t return to the spot again and again. We package this product in a trigger spray because you need to put more product down – as much as the animal put down, to ensure you cover the affected area – padding included.

    Spot CHOMP works great in your car and, as many automotive carpets do not have stain resistance, will help protect your car’s interior from future stains.

    While Spot CHOMP is an excellent cleaner and has proven effective on upholstery use care as it is a water based product and some materials, such as silk and satin, water stain. Again, test in an inconspicuous area first

    How-to-Use Chomp® Composite

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