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    Ultimate Cleaner Degreaser


    Ultimate Cleaner Degreaser

    The Ultimate Cleaner Degreaser with DST provides 3x faster cleaning of grease, oil, ink, paint splatter, adhesive, tar, wax and more – Without damage to polyurethane floors, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum and more.

    * DST is a proprietary polymer that super charges the Ultimate’s performance in lifting and removing oil, grease, and particulate soils. By altering the surface tension or “holding power” of soils. In simple terms, The Utimate with DST allows you to clean faster with less effort.

    Product Benefits

    • Dynamic cleaning package
    • Faster penetration on soils
    • Buffered chemistry
    • No free alkalines
    • 3x faster on greases/oils vs. conventional chemicals
    • Will not stain brass/aluminum/stainless, etc.

    Use Product for/to:

    • Cuts through dried latex paint
    • Safer for polyurethane floors

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    Yes, The Ultimate Cleaner degreaser is manufactured as a ready to use product. However, depending on the surface you are cleaning and the soil, the Chomp Cleaner Degreaser can be diluted up to 10 parts water to one part Ultimate.

    A partial list includes ovens grills range hoods, vents, floor wax removal, engines, tires, alloy wheels, tools, grease and oil stains, carbon and graphite deposits, soot, latex paint cleanup, counters, stovetops, sinks, refrigerators, showers, bathtubs, tile toilets, decks, fiberglass canvas, paint prep, walls baseboards, house-wash, vinyl, patio furniture, linoleum painted surfaces, steel, chrome, plastics, window blinds.

    Chomp Ultimate is dye free, fragrance free, non-toxic and biodegradable.

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