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    Wallpaper Scoring Tool


    Wallpaper Scoring Tool

    Designed to make wallpaper removal easier. When used in a circular motion, the interlocking wheels make shallow perforations in the wallpaper facing. This allows WP Chomp World’s Best Wallpaper Remover to penetrate the wallpaper facing and backing so it can loosen the paste. Entire rooms can be scored in minutes without damage to the wall.

    Product Benefits

    • Perforates without damaging walls
    • Easy grip design

    Use Product for/to:

    • Perforation of wallpaper surface to allow remover to penetrate and wet glue backing
    Scoring Tool-Action

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    Although there is no set amount, generally speaking the more perforations that are made, the less time it will take for WP Chomp Wallpaper remover to ‘wick’ through the surface area.

    Just enough pressure to see cut marks/perforations in the wallpaper facing. By applying too much pressure, there is a greater risk of damaging the drywall.

    No, some wallpaper facing will pull off, revealing the wallpaper backing or paste.

    How-to-Use Chomp® Wallpaper Scoring Tool

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