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    Wallpaper Scraper

    Chomp Wallpaper Scraping Tool
    Chomp Wallpaper Scraping Tool

    Wallpaper Scraper

    Designed to make wallpaper removal fast and easy. The ergonomic handle, 3” replaceable blade, and preset angle allow users to perfectly skim the wall surface without damage and remove wallpaper in large sections. Ideal for scraping off residual wallpaper, wallpaper paste and paint bumps.

    Product Benefits

    • Ergonomic, easy grip design
    • Ideal blade edge for safe, clean scraping of painted surfaces

    Use Product for/to:

    • Removal of residual wallpaper and paste during wallpaper stripping process
    • Ideal for removing ‘paint bumps’ before washing walls prior to re-painting
    Scraping Tool-Feature

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    One to five minutes for most wallpaper removal jobs. Some papers are slow to penetrate and may take longer to soften the paste. Let the remover do the work. Once the remover softens the paste, the scraping will be easy.

    Yes, contact your local retailer or call 888-406-5318.

    How-to-Use Chomp® Wallpaper Scraper

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