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    World’s Best Wallpaper Remover 32oz

    Chomp Wall Paper Stripper
    Chomp Wall Paper Stripper

    World's Best Wallpaper Remover

    Wallpaper Stripper Ready To Use. Finally, a wallpaper remover you’ll love to use! Fact: Enzymes are highly effective at wallpaper removal and cleaning. WP Chomp is the first product to harness enzyme producing bacteria in a RICH surfactant cleaning package – literally creating an enzyme factory in every bottle.

    WP cleans walls while loosening adhesives without caustics, acids, gels, dyes or artificial scents.

    These wonderful features provide customers benefits not found in any other product in the Marketplace….hence, “The World’s Best Wallpaper Stripper”.

    Product Benefits

    • Penetrates quickly
    • No gels to slow you down – sprays on evenly and penetrates quickly
    • Will not stain
    • No Dyes
    • Safe to use – pH neutral and 5 times less toxic than baby shampoo
    • No chemical smell – WP is hypoallergenic with a natural light citrus scent

    Use Product for/to:

    • Clean black-streaked/tiger striped gutters
    • Clean dirty, oxidized metal doors and trim
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    Most wallpapers have a protective surface coating that is water resistant to protect it from everyday wear and tear, spills, etc. As WP CHOMP is water based you need a “way around” this surface to allow WP to get to the backing which is glued to the wall. You can either pull off the facing (the top, decorative layer – easier to do with vinyl vs. paper wallpaper) or use a scoring tool to perforate the paper.

    If you use a scoring tool, be careful to use just enough pressure to penetrate the paper (poke holes in it) so you do not cause damage to the drywall beneath your wallpaper. Once you have scored the paper or exposed the backing by pulling off the facing, thoroughly spray the paper, working from top down, and begin to remove the backing. Traditional paper wallpapers are uncoated and porous. You can apply WP CHOMP directly to the paper and remove. For textiles that have been applied directly over adhesives, apply WP CHOMP onto the textile, wait a few minutes for the product to work, and remove.

    WP CHOMP will also remove excess glue. Simply re-spray and wet thoroughly any remaining glue. Wait a few minutes and then remove by either scraping with a putty knife or scrubbing with a damp sponge or green scrubbing pad (the kind you use on your pots and pans). After all the glue is removed, rinse the walls clean with a light spray and wipe or wipe down with clean water and sponge.

    All paints recommend a clean surface prior to painting. While WP CHOMP simultaneously cleans walls while removing paper and paste the final step in any wash is the rinse cycle. Wipe the walls down with clean water and sponge.

    WP CHOMP works extremely well on the most common wallpaper pastes – clay, wheat and 880. We have also received good performance reports when used on VOV (vinyl-on-vinyl glues) removing borders.

    Some walls may require repeat applicationss. Improperly sized or primed walls may take longer. Borders are occasionally applied with Vinyl on vinyl (VOV) glue. VOV is NOT a paste. QP Chomp has proven effective on VOV, but it can take longer for VOV to soften. Sometimes sanding is the only way to remove this glue. Surface damage may result.

    How-to-Use Chomp® World's Best Wallpaper Remover

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